Digital Asset Management for the Rest of Us

August 5, 2009

Digital Asset Management software has been around for many years. It helps people manage their large collections of videos, photos and audio files — and share them as well.

Problem is, the DAM industry (as it’s known in industry jargon) is fundamentally flawed:  systems cost hundreds of thousands of dollars (or millions) to purchase, and require multi-year contracts and complex integrations.  This means that only the largest media companies can afford and use this technology.

But what about the rest of us?

  • The television producer who only needs a DAM system while he’s in production.
  • The director who needs to share files with his team on location, and also with his producers who are on the road
  • The camera operator who needs a place to post his dailies.
  • The wedding videographer who needs to share videos with his clients online.
  • The college student who wants to make a film with his buddies, and needs a place to pull it all together.
  • And the high school kid who wants to do the same!

These people all have the same kinds of challenges — they need to share content and collaborate on video projects more easily and more cost effectively.  But they can’t get access to a DAM system, so what can they do?

Well we’re going to try and change that, by building a digital asset management system for “the rest of us.”

It will support open standards like h.264, at full broadcast resolution.

It will support multiple formats like Mac, PC, and Linux—and it will be optimized for the iPhone.

It will have an open API framework that will allow people to build their own applications and technologies.

And most importantly, it will be built within an online community of video professionals and digital media enthusiasts, so that they can connect more easily with each other no matter where in the world they may be.

To find out more about Scenios and the team behind it, you can read the company’s first press release.

In the meantime, please do apply to participate in the private beta we’ll be launching in October – and let us know what you think!

Mark Davis
CEO and Co-Founder, Scenios


2 Responses to “Digital Asset Management for the Rest of Us”

  1. Jack Wenzinger said

    Good luck and keep me posted. Very interested in the product.


  2. kathleen hirsch said

    I have been looking into this for years. I think you nailed it.

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